Team Exponent
We believe in the potential of
exponential ideas and high-impact teams
to help us solve our toughest challenges.

What We Do

Team Exponent helps solve the Engineer's Dilemma:
discovering meaningful projects to work on.

We activate technical talent to innovate transformative
and impactful high tech solutions, driven by passion.
We do this work through teams, and it starts with an Exponential Sprint.




Exponential is not just another way of saying big idea.

It takes a particular type of fresh, ambitious thinking to even conceive of an exponential, and an amazing team with passionate members to go for it.

An exponential 10x project addresses a huge problem, proposes a high-value and impactful solution, and has a high-level of technical complexity in implementation.

Sprint doesn't just mean moving as fast as possible. As with running, there is technique and muscles which can be methodically trained.

Our Exponential Sprints are
exhilarating and immersive one day sessions

proven to generate 10x ideas and transformative start-ups.

We tailor this methodology to various challenges facing humanity and
bring together the technical talent to ideate and prototype potential solutions.

Team Exponent LLC is an organization inspiring 10x thinking and education.
Learn about how we are taking 10x thinking to K-12 schools and programs with our open source Exponential Education curriculum.

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